LE Consulting

Established in 2013, Lynnette Edmonds Consulting (LEC) provides career and talent management solutions for companies and individuals by offering expertise across recruitment, career guidance, job search strategies, mentoring and networking.

We are a boutique business that tailors our recruitment and consulting packages around the individual/client’s needs and budgets. Our style is very personal and consultative with the guarantee of great results and outcomes!

If you are a business needing external recruitment expertise to identify and attract the best possible talent but aren’t interested in paying what are typically prohibitive fees, then you will find LEC an appealing alternative.

Director Lynnette Edmonds brings over 12 years’ experience in recruitment and talent management and is skilled at finding talent and matching them to specific roles. She understands that, in today’s market, recruiters need to be flexible with their pricing and services and a bespoke package is more appropriate.

This philosophy is complimentary to Lynnette’s personal way of working which is to focus on the solution, the practical steps to getting there and the support provided along the way. We are focused on building long term, satisfying relationships with our clients.

If you are an individual needing help to find (and prepare for) the ideal job then Lynnette and her team would love to help. Whether you are looking for job search strategies (resume/bio preparation, interview training), profiling (networking, social media profiles etc) or mentoring (where do I want to be in 6 months/5 years? Am I on the right track? How do I prepare for that upcoming evaluation?); we can cut through the clutter to the heart of what you need and tailor our sessions to help.

Our flexibility, holistic approach and instinctive understanding of what each person needs at different stages of their careers give us a point of difference.