With over a decade’s experience in recruitment, Lynnette Edmonds has a wealth of proven skills to help you find the best possible talent.

She has an extensive and broad network and is skilled at identifying and sourcing top talent.

Her non-invasive, consultative and collaborative style is welcomed by candidates and clients alike. Her
genuine desire to find you the best fit is evident from the time she takes the brief to the day she helps you celebrate your new team member coming on board.

Her fees are extremely reasonable and competitive and designed to make the whole process more
commercially viable and justifiable.

Talent Management

In addition to helping you find new staff, Lynnette can assist with internal talent management strategies such as inductions, performance reviews, mentoring and exit interviews.

Lynnette Edmonds Consulting works with individuals and groups to offer the following services:

LEC offers tailored career coaching designed to work with the individual and their specific situation and needs.Everyone is different and we delight in learning about people's unique situations and helping to guide them through any current challenges, concerns or obstacles to reach desired outcomes.It may be that changing jobs is not the best solution and that another strategy and approach is needed. Sometimes we are so immersed in our daily lives that it's difficult to take a step back and view the situation objectively.It might be that we are stubbornly holding onto a false notion that our current job is "the best that we can do" and are reluctant to make a change that will open a whole new raft of possibilities. Sometimes it is easier for an outsider to spot issues that we ourselves can't see. A few tweaks may be all that's needed.Our business tailors coaching packages around our client's needs and budget and also takes into account any time constraints. Our style is very personal and consultative with the guarantee of great results and outcomes.
It's often daunting "going to market' and knowing how to promote your own personal brand. Equally challenging is how to find the job opportunities best suited to you - knowing where to look in a cluttered and ever changing environment. Being as prepared as you possibly can is crucial for achieving success and reaching the desired outcomes.LEC works with the individual to provide them with the necessary tools to feel confident about finding a new role. We assist on preparation of resume and cover letters and work with you to ensure your brand (as well as your online brand) is portraying the right messages. We provide interview training, advise you on your presentation, help with sourcing and locating the right opportunities and provide job application advice and counsel.We also provide network coaching - a critical aspect of expanding and igniting your professional world and essential to get right in today's scrutinising environment. This includes helping develop a professional and effective LinkedIn profile and learning how to access jobs and beneficial information via this site and others.This is all done with a warm and friendly approach aimed to infuse empathy and understanding into what can typically be a challenging and stressful time. We empower our clients and help them to stay focused on the future prize!
A mentor is possibly one of the most effective tools to aid a successful and rewarding career. Gaining wisdom, advice and insights from those who have greater experience or whose goals we aspire to reach; or maybe just those who have a talent in helping others to find the right path towards a desired destination is priceless. Mentors can be found in obvious and also not so obvious places. But wherever they may be it’s critical to invite them into your professional world.Lynnette is an effective mentor herself or is happy to guide you towards securing the right people to help reach your personal goals.Every time I talk to and work with Lynnette I am left with a ‘can-do’ attitude and renewed confidence to go forward and actively work to make changes to my life – professionally and personally – so that I can reach my goals and full potential. I cannot recommend working with her more highly, and in future I will always look for opportunities to do so.Rebecca Simmons – Executive Manager, Strategy and Major Projects for Direct Channels at Commonwealth Bank
Networking has always been a necessary part of effective professional growth and career satisfaction.  Smart networkers utilise opportunities to put themselves in front of key individuals, learn new skills and increase their knowledge, open doors, explore new directions and, very importantly, make new connections which can potentially grow and advance their professional worlds.   Never has networking been more valued and explored than in today’s professional arena.  With the introduction and growth of online networking sites such as LinkedIn as well as other tools, sites and continuous technological advancement our business (and personal brand) can now be everybody’s business.   This is exciting and allows greater networking opportunities but, with this, comes greater risk as people don’t understand how to navigate their way along the endless roads.  They also don’t understand how effective good networking can be.Lynnette is a skilled networker and is a passionate advocate of networking as an effective tool towards reaching ones ambitions and goals. She will guide you towards expanding and utilising your network like never before.